Discover How to Change a Video File Type?

Earlier or later, each user of a computer, console, Apple or any other device faces the necessity to modify the format of a video or movie. For instance, after you have purchased a brand-new Sony PlayStation, no wonder, you would want to play games as well as watch movies with it. Consequently, there is a necessity to convert available files to formats compatible with SPS. Knowing how to change video file type is of use for 95% of users.

Before selecting the means of changing the file format and to understand which program to use, it is better to know what a format of files is.

The Key Points about File Extension

  • What is a file format? It is the part of the file name which stands at the end after the dot. This extension determines to which type a file belongs. Thus, the file with .avi or .mp4 extension is a video, so a special video player is required to open it.
  • What is it for? The operating system requires files extensions to quickly identify which program shall be used to open a certain file for a user. If a corresponding application is absent, the operating system will inform concerning this problem.
  • Why would a regular user require the understanding of how to alter the file format? First and foremost, to avoid troubles while opening the files downloaded from the Internet or obtained in any other way. Additionally, knowing which files can be opened at his PC or another device will help in the choice of the file format before downloading. Thus, it will save time.
  • To send a video by email, it is necessary to compress it so that the size is not exceeding the mailbox limits. For this sake, converting to a format of a smaller size and lower quality will be of use. Just mind that after conversion, the file cannot be reconverted to the initial format with higher quality.

To convert a file, it is possible to download a special application called a converter or use available online resources. However, the latest option which seems the easiest one may require filling in of registration forms, or online converter may distort the file itself. That is why, always keep a reserve file copy, to avoid the disappointment to lose the content itself.

There is a number of video converting applications which are easy to use and understand even by a beginner. For instance, Any Video Converter, Super, Video to Video Converter, Avidemux, FormatFactory, etc. Indeed, the list is quite long. It proves that there is the demand to convert formats of video files.

It is essential that each user has different demands to and preferences in usability and functionality of applications. Thus, to find a perfect app for you, install several converters for trial and define which one suits your requirements most of all.

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