James Edwards on The King James Version

Dr. James R. Edwards writes, “Looking back on the past four centuries, it may seem that the ‘Authorized Version,’ as it is known in England, was destined to exert the influence on the English-speaking world that it did. There were a number of exceptionally good English translations before it, however, and the viability of KJV was not guaranteed, and its eventual supremacy even less so,” and suggests it succeeded by building on predecessors and by involving a large a scholarly community of clerics, professors, writers, and linguists.

Sarah Hinlicky Wilson on Ecumenism

The Rev. Dr. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson is a Lutheran minister and currently assistant research professor at the Institute for Ecumenical Research in Strasbourg, France. In this interview, we speak with her about the state of ecumenism in light of the changing shape of Christian faith in the 21st century. She says, “Since ecumenism originated in the mission field, I think its future lies in mission too.”

Read Schuchardt on Media, Tech, and Religion

All technologies have a “good and helpful” aspect and they also have a harmful and debilitating effect. I like chairs, which seem utterly neutral or positive as a technological invention — especially nice big, comfy chairs. But cultures that sit on chairs experience more colon cancer than cultures that squat. Neil Postman argued that all technologies are a “Faustian bargain” – they give something, and they take something away. Freedom, I think, comes in knowing what these two things are, and in making the choice of which you value more.

Video: Nancy Jones Schafer, “Shaping Faith through Leadership”

On Tuesday, October 25, Nancy Jones Schafer, former first lady of North Dakota, shared from her own experiences how leadership and faith shape one another. “Life is a series of interruptions interrupted by interruptions…If I have learned anything in my Christian walk, it is the importance of flexibility and acceptance of the interruptions of life…When interruptions come into our lives, it is usually here that our faith needs to stretch a bit.”

Edwards Epistle: “Animals at the Manger”

Dr. James Edwards writes, “There is something wonderful about the ox and donkey—animals that otherwise arouse no affections in me—peacefully presiding over the infant King. “Presiding” is the right word, for the baby Jesus was a guest at their only table—the manger. The presence of animals is theologically significant, for all sentient creation—animals, humanity, and angels—in varying ways and abilities now glorifies the God Who Became Human in the rustic sanctuary.”

Prayer Day 2012: Burn Survivor John O’Leary Shares His Story

On Feb. 2, 2012, childhood burn survivor John O’Leary shared his remarkable story of hope, courage and faith as the keynote speaker for the University of Mary’s annual Prayer Day celebration. With humor and emotion, he captivated the audience which filled McDowell Activity Center with his amazing account of the experience that could have ended his life, but instead enabled him to live it with an enhanced appreciation and understanding of its meaning.

Video: Dr. Peter Huff on C.S. Lewis and Vocation

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On Tuesday, September 24, Dr. Peter Huff of Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana presented a talk entitled “Life to the Glory of God: C.S. Lewis and the Joy of Vocation.” Fifty years after his death, C. S. Lewis remains one of the most respected Christian writers of all time. This lecture celebrates Lewis the reliable guide to the demands of Christian discipleship. Exploring the seven callings that shaped his unrepeatable life, historian and theologian Peter Huff sheds new light on the sense of vocation that gave Lewis’s experience its distinctive confidence and vigor. Pope John Paul II once observed that C. S. Lewis “knew his apostolate—and did it.” This tribute to the creator of Narnia and the twentieth century’s foremost apologist challenges us all to listen for the voice of God—and live to the glory of God.

Peter Huff to Speak on C. S. Lewis September 24

Peter Huff 1a sm-1

The Christian Leadership Center of the University of Mary is pleased to announce that Dr. Peter A. Huff, the T. L. James Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Chair of Department of Religious Studies at the Centenary College of Louisiana, will speak on “Life to the Glory of God: C. S. Lewis and the Joy of Vocation.” The talk takes place on Tuesday, September 24, at 7:00pm in Butler Hall in the Tharaldson School of Business on the University of Mary campus. The event is free and open to the public.