On Preaching

The Rev. Kerry Bender on Preaching and Personality

The Rev. Kerry L. Bender writes, “Your unique style, voice and personality can be used by God to communicate His truth if it is made subservient to the Word of God. Of course this is key: we must keep our personalities subservient to the Word of God. There is always the danger of allowing the power of a dynamic personality to overtake the power of the gospel. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that the preacher spend more time preparing himself as a follower of Christ than as a preacher of Christ.”

Josh Genig on the Sacramentality of Preaching

The Rev. Joshua Genig, Pastor at The Lutheran Church of the Ascension in Atlanta, Georgia, explores the Annunciation as a model for preaching: “Preaching…cannot be relegated to a word that pushes one toward the Mass or a word that delivers an intangible Christ. Instead, preaching today needs to be conceived of in a manner analogous to the Annunciation to Mary.”